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2015 Spring Memorial

Ten Hole In Ones for 2015!!!!!!!!!

Harold Allsopp - Hole 2 - May 27-15How many guys get a hole-in-one on their 'home hole' . . . congratulations to Harold Allsop! His ace was on #2 Wednesday May 27th. He used his rescue club, aimed at the chimney of his house, sculled it down the path, onto the green and in the hole . . . hohum!

Sharon Adams has joined the ever growing list with an Ace on Hole #10 May 26th! Another photo required, maybe a larger page on the website!?

Dan McCarten got his ace on men's day May 13th on the second hole.
Brian Rodgers holing out on #2 Friday May 8th!
John Beaven connected with a 9 iron on Hole #6 Wednesday April 29th but didn't participate in the Skin Contest so lost out on the pot!
Billy the Baker knocks one in on #14 for an April Fools Day Special! Hopefully he didn't have to buy the 80 odd men a drink!
Maggie McGregor on Tuesday March 23rd was her 1st ever hole in one on hole #6. It was Maggie's 99th game since Nov.1 and she shot 99. She played at least 9 holes everyday in the winter.
Gord Hubley got his on Hole #2 Friday March 6.
Holly Marvin's was on Hole #6 Tuesday February 3.
Gary Hackney was the first one on Hole #6 on January 28th.
The record for most in a year was 2005 when there were 15!
For the complete listings of all Hole In Ones at Fairwinds go to this link.

Dan McCarten Brian Rodgers LG LG-E900h 001148 Billy Macarthur
Maggie McGregor Gord Hubley Holly Hole in One Gary Hackney

The Upcoming Events Calendar has the latest information on events at Fairwinds.

More new members for 2015 - Robert & Susanne Young, Brian & Karen Morris, John Kus, Stan Martin & Kathe Jacek, David & Donna Leclair, Bonnie Clark, Jackie & Trevor Bebb, Joe & Pam Straka, Robert Hartley, Tony Eastham, Trevor West, Randy Flello, Jim Prunty, David & Grace Vallance, Tim & Teresa Dwane . Please make them feel welcome!!

Interested in seeing an LPGA event from inside the ropes?
We are looking for volunteers to marshal on the Fairwinds sponsored hole #14 at Vancouver Golf Club, August 17-23. If you are interested in more information click here for the link.

Please be advised that besides the sheep that were killed at Springford Farms there have been an number of cougar sightings in Fairwinds in the last couple of days. Two cubs in the 'S' neighbourhood and another by the Ransoms on Ainsley Place hiding by his kayak! This is the photo he took showing the blood of a racoon still on his nose!
(More of Tony's Photos Here)

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