Gord Nichols-webDavid Patterson-web2017 Hole In One Count Is Now 2

David Patterson aced Hole #14 on Sunday May 7th for our second Hole in One of the Year! There was a small question of whether your wife can be the only witness? Nice job David!

Gordie Nichols got his second Hole In One on Hole #10 - Wednesday March 15 (the Ides of March) in the Men's Winter Golf event! He didn't see it go in!

2017 Rye Door Cup LogoComing in June - Rye Door Cup the 2017 Edition - -

New Link for 2017 Men's Toohey Results

The Fairwinds Golf Club Society Extraordinary meeting minutes are now published but are restricted to only members. Log in to view

The Fairwinds 2017 Fee Structure is on line with this link.
Their welcome letter is also on this link

To see the Letters to the FW Enterprises and supporting documentsBrett's response to the Fairwinds Golf Society members' questionsplease log in and then go to Society/Messages.

Golf Course is Open & Summer Rules are in effect

Driving Range Hours are 6:30am - 6:30pm Daily
*Range closes at 5:30pm on Wednesdays*

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FGCS Roster Book Cover2017 Fairwinds Golf Club Society Fixture Book

The 2017 Fairwinds Golf Club Society Fixture books are now in the pro shop for your viewing pleasure.

Click on this link to view the entire book
Section Fixtures will be available under the Section Headings

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