Golf Course Status
Friday October 21th - Course Is Closed


  Driving Range open daily*  8:00am - 5:00pm

*Wed closed at 4:30pm and Thur opens at 9:00am for cutting

Men's Winter Golf started October 19th!
Results for the events are available by going to this link.
If you would like to spare please contact Jarvis Kohut.

Club Championship Celebration

2016 Brad Reimer Club Championship web

Sharon Vincent 2016 Champion webCongratulations to Brad Reimer and Sharon Vincent our new Club Champions!

Steve  Terii Horse Race webAlso to Steve Ironside and Teri Dwane Horse Race Champs!
And well done to all the winners and participants, results are showing up on the Mens Portal and the Ladies Portal
More photos on the Society Portal.

Lots of Hole In Ones again in 2016!
See the details on the Hole in Ones 2016 article.

Remember the Skol-Time Cup is now September 19 & 20.

New member Alert! 
Archie Currie, Mark Walker, Gary Nijman, Alan Sheasgreen, Chris & Barb Jobb, Dan Verleyen, Tricia Brady, Tricia Gallager, Julie Hamilton, Kathy Scales, Ken & Fiona Been, Gary & Sandi Dunlop, John & Teri Paley, Karen Olinek, Philip & Maggie Carter, Bob Delaney, Joanne Caple, Richard Kim, John MacRae, plus Jarvis Kohut, Brian Coolican & Ken Hay

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