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New Members you should know -

Sharon Adams, Sheryl Deckert, Graeme Schulz, David & Marlene Cox, Fay Baker, Vivian Williams, Bob Jones, Joanne Caple, Rob Ohs, John Pringle, Dan Smith, Ian Stewart, Dan Vallance, Terry Vanak and Gord Grant
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2017 Hole In One Count Is Now 8!

Ken Anderson - web

Ken Anderson scored a hole in one on Hole #6. Sunday, October 22ndPlaying with ladies, he may not play golf with men's groups again. One bounce and in the cup!


Tricia Brady-Hole In One

Tricia Brady had a hole in one on August 25th on Hole #6She didn’t really believe it until I got to the green and made sure it was in there!!!


Lea Moghrabi - web

Lea Moghrabi is over Cloud 9 after her exciting day Thursday, July 27th. She didn't see her bright pink ball on Hole #2 but knew it was on the green. So they hurried on down to the green & there it was!

BOb Felton

Bob Felton joins the 2017 Hole In One Club! Wednesday July 19th his 7 wood from the back tees on Hole #10 cashes in another Men's Day payday. (His fourth ace)

Lynn Griffiths

Lynn Griffiths scored her first Hole in One on Hole #2 Friday, July 7th. Obviously her broken arm has healed and is working fine!

Mike Yip

Mike Yip cashed in Sunday June 4th with his 5th Ace, this one on Hole #10. Cost him big time as he was out with the Cockroaches. He has now aced every par 3 on Fairwinds! 

David Patterson-web

David Patterson aced Hole #14 on Sunday May 7th for our second Hole in One of the Year! There was a small question of whether your wife can be the only witness? Nice job David! 

Gord Nichols-web

Gordie Nichols got his second Hole In One on Hole #10 - Wednesday March 15 (the Ides of March) in the Men's Winter Golf event! He didn't see it go in! 

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